Tours, songs, and so much more!

Monday March 9th, 2015

Aloha everyone from rainy Kona Hawai’i!


We were so blessed with such amazing weather the past few months, but the past couple days have been stormy and freezing! (well… freezing for Hawai’i!) Kinda exciting to buss out the boots if you know what I mean.

Anyway, lots of exciting things going on over here! I’ve been working SUPER hard on finishing up these kickstarter orders for all my faithful backers! I’m pretty much 90% done, and trying to scramble and finish the last few boxes before I head to the mainland, and so that I can continue focusing on writing and recording new MUSIC!


This Wednesday I’m heading out for a little March Mini-Tour to get that TOUR momentum going.

Friday at the Surf Roots Spring Fling in Torrance, CA, Saturday at Lake Havasu Arizona for the Unity Fest, and Sunday for an all ages rager in Corona for the Spring Kick Off Tour. After that, I head back to Hawai’i to continue RECORDING my album which I’ve been doing since last month.


So far, I fully finished one song which I’ll be sending out to my Kickstarter backers on Tuesday! And then the radio stations the following week. SO excited to finally have something new finished, and big up’s to Rob Beatz from Maui for getting this awesome cover tune done. There are 2 more original songs in the pipeline to be released next. One is actually a song I co-wrote with one of my Kickstarter Backers as part of their reward! Again, I’m SOOOo excited to share the new stuff with you guys too, and to continue to finish up the other songs in the studio.


On the TOUR front… there are 2 GIRL POWER type tours that I’m happy to announce today!

First is the Aloha Always Anuhea Mini Tour featuring my girl Tenelle and Luisa Lavulo!


We’re hitting up Sacramento and Reno, and I’m also doing something SUPER fricking awesome at the Golden State Warriors game on Thursday April 9th. More info on all that, soon!

ALSO…So stoked and honored to be sharing the stage with the beautiful and talented ETANA on the Queens of the Islands Tour that kicks off this summer!


Working hard and loving life. Feeling blessed and so stoked to be continuing to do all this and I thank you for being into it! Mahalo Ke Akua!

More later!

Aloha always,


PS: ‘Ikena says HI!


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