Song Lyrics


Written by Anuhea Jenkins

Music by Jason Tupuola Aiono

Acoustic Guitar: Anuhea Jenkins

All Production: Rob Tsuhako

Verse 1:

This world is crazy, that’s for sure

We all need a place just to feel secure

I want to give you open arms to run ….. I’ll do

Everything I can cause I do know what’s up

I’ll be on your side no matter what


When all the seats are taken

You can sit with me

The team’s all full, well

We can start our own league

Cause I know you would do it for me

You can close your eyes…

And put your hands

On my shoulders

Verse 2: 

I would pour half my cup right into yours

Give you my slipper when we’re cruising outdoors

I’ll pay your tab if you forgot

Drive you home if you cannot

I’ll brighten up your darkest night

Fight for you when you’re not right

I will have your back no matter what


Rap/ Verse 3

Every day.. I feel I feel you deep, our vibes are more alive

In every way… you’re my best friend all my tomorrow’s are yours so

Carry on with your day to days, you got a friend in me so keep being amaze

I’ll be right here from now until we’re older

Shush relax and put your hands on my shoulders


IMG_2606 IMG_2601 IMG_2231 IMG_1597

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