Anuhea hosting Pre-Show Pa’inas on the Queens of the Islands Tour!

These tickets will be on Sale Thursday 4/30!

Come and enjoy the full experience of Anuhea & her band on The Queens of the Islands Tour this June!

The VIP Pre-Show Pa’ina!

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6/3 Seattle, WA. • 6/4 Portland, OR. • 6/5 Arcata, CA  • 6/6  San Francisco, CA. • 6/7 Petaluma, CA. • 6/10 Santa Cruz, CA. • 6/11 Santa Ana, CA. • 6/12 San Diego, CA. • 6/14 Scottsdale, AZ. • 6/15 Tuscon, AZ. • 6/17 Dallas, TX. • 6/18 Austin, TX. • 6/19 New Orleans, LA.


The Pre-Show Pa’ina’s have been an awesome experience for Anuhea and her fans to connect, and have a few minutes one on one with each other before the hustle and bustle of general admission.

Here’s how it works: A few hours before the official doors open, VIP Pre-Show Pa’ina party guests will be granted access to the concert venue. There you’ll hang out with each other and watch Anuhea and the band finish up sound check. Then Anuhea will go around and spend some time with everyone, take pictures, signs posters and take a group picture that will be posted on all Anuhea’s social medias!

The VIP Pre-Show Pa’ina Tickets = $40

-VIP Lanyard
-Early access to sound check and the exclusive meet and greet
-Anuhea poster to have autographed
-Sticker pack
-10% off all Anuhea merchandise that night


If you want something a little MORE special and exclusive, consider...

The Platinum VIP Meet and Greet – $150

With the Platinum Meet and Greet experience, a limited amount of guests will be able to hang out with Anuhea and the band in her GREEN ROOM before the show. Take a shot of Crown or have a glass of wine with her and the band, watch the pre-show rituals, then head out to the crowd to enjoy the the show. You also get to go shopping at her merchandise store with a 15% off discount! You also get the VIP Lanyard, the Anuhea poster, and sticker pack, plus your choice of an Anuhea merchandise T-shirt or hat!  *This backstage experience does not include actual show tickets, you need to purchase those separate as well.*

Here’s some fine print:

1. Sorry, absolutely no add-on guests allowed, not even add-on children. This is a private intimate meet and greet with a cap at how many guests we can have. So each person there has to have a ticket, either purchased or won in an official contest.

2. This Pre-Show Paʻina is only for the pre-show– it wonʻt get you into the show that night with Anuhea and Etana. You can purchase those tickets from the concert venue’s website.

3. All VIP Pre-Show Pa’ina guests will have to exit the venue after the meet and greet is over, and present their show tickets again for re-entry.

4. This Pre-Show Pa’ina is to meet Anuhea and her band, not necessarily even guaranteed to see other artists on the show.

5. Any questions need to be directed to Anuhea’s Team, the concert venue will not be able to answer any questions regarding the Pre-Show party  (contact


Tickets going on sale HERE on Thursday 4/30!


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